Well I didn’t want Beau to think I was leaving him out, so here are a few things all about him! This first picture is one of him on tryout day for Rec-Plus soccer. He is only 6 and the team is U-8 so he is one of the smallest ones out there. Don’t let that fool you though, he can hold his own with the roughest, toughest out there…and usually leave dents in anyone who gets in his way! If we tell him he might have been a little rough he claims “it was just shoulder to shoulder contact and you can do that in soccer”! Come to find out he did make the team, so now the challenge is to keep him from getting carded during the game!! 🙂 OOps I forgot to tell you…he is #1 in the white jersey in the middle of the photo!

World Cup player?

Now, can you believe I have to let two of these go to school tomorrow? You’d think I’d be happy about getting them on that bus, but I will miss them somethin fierce! At least I get to keep Henry home for one more year! If I thought they’d really try, I maybe would home school, but at grade 4 Samuel has already outgrown my realm of knowledge..especially in math, Yikes! Oh well, I guess it’s all part of growing up…I don’t have to like it though do I?

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