Sewing for baby & Dynamo soccer Saturday!

Yes, he always wears the headband, and wont even think about cutting his hair!

Okay, so Brian (husband) and Samuel left yesterday for a soccer tournament and left me with Beau and Henry for the weekend. The boys have been good for me..Beau is the ‘Man of the house’ and is acting as such..Henry can’t hardly wait until school starts so he can be ‘Man of the house’! I talked to Brian earlier and Samuel’s team, The Dynamo, won both of their games today! As of right now they are in 1st place with two games left to play tomorrow….GO DYNAMO! I’m just trying to lay low and keep from going into labor while they are gone! So far, so good! Anyhow, I was bored this afternoon so I decided to jazz up a couple of burping diapers. Here’s what I came up with. I made a ruffle trim for a couple of them and did a fabric applique on another! One thing I learned….I need practice with the ruffles!! All in all for my first attempt I think they turned out pretty good. What d’ya’ll think?

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  1. A simple crocheted edge would look nice too…if you don’t like how your machine does ruffels. Something like this:

    BTW, I’m enjoying your blog. I have two sons too!

    1. This was my first try at ruffles…I love the ruffled look, just not sure the best way to do it! Thanks for the suggestion! I’m enjoying your blog as well!

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