Blissfull dishwashing…yes, it’s true…it really could happen to you!

Okay, so these are my two new ‘must haves’ for my kitchen sink!

I love this stuff soo much! I absolutely despise hand washing dishes at the sink, but ever since I got this Mrs. Meyers lemon-verbena dish soap I have been going out of my way to find an excuse to fill the sink up and scrub away! I love this scent so much that just this morning I ordered just about the entire line of Mrs. Meyers lemon-verbena products! I can’t wait to wash my laundry with the laundry soap and to plug in the scented diffuser in my bedroom! I also have some of the powder scrub, but I haven’t been able to use it in the shower yet (the intended filthy mess), because the shower drain has again decided to clog up! Just as soon as I get my dear husband to unclog the ‘hairball’ disgustingness , I will happily scrub the entire thing until it’s sparkling clean! Believe me ya’ll, this is as close to a magic cleaning wand as I think we’ll ever get! Allright, enough talk! I’m off to fill the sink up with yummy lemon-verbena bubbles, dump out the kids drinking cups, and start scrubbing…again, and I will breathe deeply and love every minute of it!

Oh yeah, one other thing…just a little picture of what I get to look at while blissfully washing away!

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