Butterfly Cake!

I was looking through my pictures of cakes I had recently made and thought I’d share this one with you! A friend of mine down the street asked if I could make a cake for her daughter’s birthday/graduation party and this is what I came up with!

First a picture of my lovely pink mixer…love this thing!

It always starts with the eggs doesn’t it?

Yummy vanilla batter!

Next step was to add dollops of chocolate batter to vanilla…


Baked and ready to ice!

It was a three tiered cake with frosting between layers! The dots were made of hand tinted fondant and the butterfly decorations were made of nylon and sequins, which I just attatched some floral wire to and stuck them down into the cake to hold them in place!

The last thing I did was roll more of the fonant into balls and placed along the bottom of the cake…I thought it finished the cake off and made it look a little more “professional”!

Now if I just had some of that cake to eat right now, I’d be one happy person! I don’t know why, but I’ve been thinking about cake all day…You know, I do have a strawberry cake mix in the pantry, maybe I should make cupcakes? What am I saying. Of course I should make cupcakes! Well, if any of you are wondering what I’ll be doing later, you can just imagine all of my boys asleep upstairs, rain outside (it’s in the forecast) and me sitting in this chair eating a strawberry cupcake…with sprinkles! Yeah right, you know the boys will be raising cain, it will be a thunderstorm not just rain, I’ll be wrestling a wet/muddy St. Bernard into the house, and I might even have another round of 2 hour braxton hicks contractions…but make no mistake, there WILL be a strawberry cupcake in my hand!

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