Daily Bliss

Hello world!

Hi everyone!  As I am just starting this blog I’m not quite sure where to start.  I CAN tell you one thing…I will NOT be going outside much today, it is muggy and HOT!  Seems like Mother Nature knows I am pregnant and in my last trimester, and decided to get a good laugh at my expense!  I mean really, five minutes outside and I look like a red beached whale!  So, since we will be spending much of the day indoors I should come up with some sort of project for the boys, before they come up with one on their own! You’d be surprised at what I find when this happens…slimed walls (yesterday’s project), cracked walls, clogged toilets, soccer dodgeball..in which case the rules must state that my curtain rods are worth double points!  Well I guess I’d better get to it then, I can hear thunder already and it’s not coming from the sky!  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to have pictures posted soon!

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