Month: July 2010

Pizza Night!

My youngest, for another month, trying to will himself to take a bite of the grilled pizza we had just made. He gives me such trouble come mealtime! If it’s snacks, then he is hungry, but put a meal in front of him and he wont touch a […]

Summer’s Bounty!

Yeah, hard work is finally paying off! Who doesn’t LOVE homegrown tomatoes? Sprinkled with a little salt, I don’t think it gets much better! Looks like I’ll have to make time for homemade salsa today..YUM! Tonight’s menu? Parmesan couscous with sliced cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese! I […]

Laundry Day!

  I have been working on catching up with the laundry all day long, and I’m nowhere near done!  How is it that three boys and their Daddy can manage so many dirty clothes?  I love this Anne Taintor picture..If only the laundry could put itself away, then […]

Hello world!

Hi everyone!  As I am just starting this blog I’m not quite sure where to start.  I CAN tell you one thing…I will NOT be going outside much today, it is muggy and HOT!  Seems like Mother Nature knows I am pregnant and in my last trimester, and decided to […]